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Professional Interior designers answer questions about home design.

Pat's Decor of Helmetta, NJ has been creating beautiful rooms for over 35 years. To extend our love for furniture and design we have provided the article below for your enjoyment.

Whether you are starting from scratch, tackling a DIY project or just experimenting with new colors, interior designers possess a wealth of information and experience to walk clients through the decorating process.

Designers are advisers and will tell clients the truth about things like home trends on the internet (don't do it if it doesn't fit your space or your budget), geometric patterns (overuse can easily ruin a design scheme) and what items you should prioritize when trimming a new space (curtains, rugs and sofas).

Curtis Herring

Curtis Herring of Curtis Herring Interior Design started his business in 1997. He describes his personal taste as a "very clean-line, transitional style." But, he says, "I design for my client, so each project has a completely different look."

The best part of his job is the variety. "I never know what is coming my way," he says. "My clients are all fun to work with and I get to work on incredible houses, hot new restaurants, offices, veterinary clinics [and] synagogues."

One of Herring's philosophies is that "good design is not trendy, but rather timeless. If the interior designer does a good job," he says, "the interior will be stunning and usable for many years."

How often should homes be updated?

Herring: I think you should make small improvements and add items on a regular basis, just to keep your house interesting. Major decorating changes such as curtains, rugs and general color palette updates, or even renovations to kitchens and baths, should generally be considered every 10 years or so.

How long do design trends tend to last?

Herring: It depends on the trend; some trends last decades, some only a short time. But, in general terms, I'd say the longevity of a design trend is about five to seven years.

What style of design do you see gaining popularity right now?
Herring: I think it depends on what geogra-phic area you are exposed to. Here in New Orleans, I'm noticing quite a lot of vintage industrial, urban chic and mid-century modern aesthetic. I'm not sure what the future holds for new design, but it will definitely be interesting and worth the wait.

How can people select the right designer?

Herring: The best way is to ask around and find out who people have used and what kind of experiences they had. Also, check out websites and even call a designer to ask questions, or set up an in-home consultation. (There's) nothing like meeting in person to see how your personalities will mesh (or not).

What is your favorite type of flooring for a living room? Kitchen? Bedroom?

I love wood flooring throughout; the warmth and beauty of wood are incomparable, and it is (easy) to work a design scheme around wood. However, wood is not always practical in a kitchen, so I really like honed limestone or marble in a kitchen. However, there are some really great-looking porcelain tiles out right now, too.

Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith became interested in design as a child. "I loved playing with fabrics," he remembers, and every summer he would redecorate his bedroom. In 2010, his childhood dream turned into an adult reality when he opened his design store, Shaun Smith Home.

"For me, it's all about the mix," he says of his style. "I try to bring a collected and not (too) decorated approach to the homes I work on. I love a room filled with pieces that each tell a different story from a different time period."

One look he appreciates is mixing metals. "I don't necessarily believe this is a trend, but [it's] timeless," he says. "Polished nickel, brass and bronze work so much better together." Working in such a personal business brings him joy. "It is an honor to be creating spaces that clients can relax, entertain and simply live in," he says.

What are some ways people can make the most of a small space?

Smith: A big misconception is that you can't paint a small space a dark color. The smaller the space, the darker I like to paint it. A mirror in a small space is always a good idea. Paint your trim, walls and ceiling the same color. It works.

What are the best ways to spruce up a home on a limited budget?

Smith: Pillows. If you stick to neutrals on your upholstery, you can change your pillows with the season to create a fresh feel in your home. Paint always works.

What are some good, classic items that people should be willing to splurge on?

Smith: Draperies, a beautiful antique chest, a gorgeous mirror and a fabulous sofa.

What is your least favorite design trend?

Smith: I can go the rest of my life without seeing another chevron pillow.

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